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What Paul Ryan's Budget Means for Wisconsin


3,687 millionaires would get an $87,000 tax break.


Middle class families would pay $2000 more in taxes.

75,408 seniors would pay more for medicine by bringing back the prescription drug donut hole.

9,150 college students wouldn’t receive Pell Grants.

703 domestic violence victims would lose access to the STOP Violence Against Women Program.

2,320 children would lose access to Head Start.

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There’s always that one person at the Family Reunion that takes the Electric slide to far

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"Men celebrated our sexual liberation — our willingness to freely give and enjoy blow jobs and group sex, our willingness to experiment with anal penetration — but ultimately many males revolted when we stated that our bodies were territories that they could not occupy at will. Men who were ready for female sexual liberation if it meant free pussy, no strings attached, were rarely ready for feminist female sexual agency. This agency gave us the right to say yes to sex, but it also empowered us to say no."

bell hooks in Communion: The Female Search for Love

The “Sexual Revolution” was for- and created by men. As aforementioned it’s purpose was to delude women into thinking that by becoming readily available fuck-toys for males was “liberating”. A woman’s sexually “liberated” identity depended on how eager she was/is to fuck males and fulfill whatever fantasy the guy(s) might have. But should a woman ever get “uppity” and foolishly assume that sexual liberation is also about being able to say “no” to men’s sexual demands and fucked up, misogynistic sexual fantasies— or just “no” to sex for her own reasons— then she’ll be forced to face the ugly reality that the “Sexual Revolution” and male liberal/leftist support for “female sexual empowerment” had NOTHING to do with women asserting their sexual/bodily autonomy and defying the Heteropatriarchy, but everything to do with acquiescing the male sexual entitlement complex.

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Reblogging again for morning crowd. & bc of its eternal relevance to my pet project, consent in the club, male entitlement, and the construction of self policing as boring and shuffling it off as the woman/dancer’s/my responsibility to police/indulge instead

Sex critical feminism ftw

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Yes for sex critical

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I still think this quote is so important because liberal feminism often emphasizes the fact that women can have sex without equally emphasizing on the fact that women do NOT have to have sex. That in fact sex has nothing to do with who you are as a woman and as a human being.

But this message that sex is the means to liberation supports patriarchy in a similar way to how forbidding women to be sexual does. And it’s disappointing how mainstream liberal feminism participates in this mis-truth at the expense of girls and women. 

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